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pros and cons of shaving male pubic hair
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Things You Must Know Before Shaving Pubic Hair - Don't dare shaved the pubic before knowing this. Shaving pubic hair is indeed still raises the pros and cons. However, in the end it allgoes back to yourself.

Don't Dare Shaved the Pubic Before Knowing This.

Many people who shaved his cock with health reasons. There is also a shave as a convenience when making love. Whatever the reason, when shaving the hair down you have to be careful.


There are several ways to remove pubic hair. Waxing, shaved it special with a razor, and laser. But, waxing and laser requires a larger fee.benefits of trimming pubic hair.

What more waxing it feels very sick. According to a study published in the American Journal of Obstetricsand Gynaecolody, shaving with a razor is the most secure way.

But the surprise was, in such research, they found 60% of women who experiencedat least one interruption due to shaving the hair of his cock. Injuries to the skin and hair that grows into the two disorders that women most often experience.

Besides being uncomfortable, this disorder also turns out could increase the spread and transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STI). Therefore, you must know the seventerms below before shaving the pubic hair.

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benefits of trimming pubic hair
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Shaving can cause sores festering. After shaving the pubic hair, many women experience it did not went sour. One to grow on the skin around the festering sore pubic.

These ulcers are caused due to bacteria that get into the pores. Pores would indeed be enlarged after you shave. Actually it's not too dangerous. As long as yougive antibiotics and always clean the skin around the genital correctly.

Waxing and shaving pubic hair is basically the same. Many women are confused choosing between waxing or shaving with a knife. Some think if waxing will produce asmoother skin. While some others say shaving with a knife is the most secure way and quickly.

However, a consultant gynaecologist origin United States, Hugh Byrne, says waxing and shaving pubic hair it makes no difference. Both still have the same risk, if you don't care for the skin around the penis correctly after shaving or waxing.

benefits of shaving pubic hair male
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 Things You Must Know Before Shaving Pubic Hair

The rest of the hair or ingrown hair-do no harm.

Waxing and shaving using both knife will leave a little hair in the outermost layers of the skin, which will cause the hairto grow back in layers upon after a few days.

Many people are not comfortable with hair ' rest '. Others consider the hair that was left of this harm. According to Byrne, it does no harm at all.the purpose of pubic hairs

Using hair removal cream is a good choice.

Hair removal cream work differently from waxing and razors. Using chemicals, in just a few minutes, pubic hair will fall out by itself. But, you should still use the anti-bacterial and skin softener after using it. So there happen to irritation and infection. In addition, using hair removal cream on the genital area it feels a little creepy. Due to the excessive chemicals will cause irritation and disrupting the vaginal health.

Hair removal can increase the risk of the spread of STI. According to research conducted in 2012, send hair turns busting could increase the risk of STI transmission anddissemination. Why? Because when you remove hair, avoid membranes will also beeroded. So the bacteria easier entry into the pores.

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Now that the things you should know before shaving the pubic hair. In fact, shave in any way is an option. And you are free to select it. As long as you take care to avoid properly to avoid infection and irritation. If you worry too much, trydiluting the pubic hair. In order for the pubic area not moist and his health is maintained. should you shave your pubes guys.

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