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which alcoholic drink is good for skin
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Alcohol and the myth of its benefits for the skin of the face - Most people never, or even was having some problems such as acne, black spot, stains on the face, and so on. You will surely agree that all those problems very disturbing your appearance.

For example, your face won't look attractive when acne appears on the surface. Furthermore, any skin problems will lose confidence, so most people want to find the right solution for every problem of facial skin that appears.

Some of you may know that alcohol is often described as the right solution for some problems on facial skin such as acne.benefits of alcohol for health

However, whether this claim is true? The article companies trying to cut some answers about the claims.

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Note the Explanation below

Let's start with some facts myths, especially those that relate to the benefits of alcohol to the skin of the face:

• Alcohol might help you eliminate acne. However, you need to know that you can use it to stamp out a growing acne on your back, and it's not growing on your face.

• Some people say that they have benefited from the use of alcohol as a medicine acne, facial skin becomes lighter and all the dirt in the faces shot up. Is it so? Apparently not too, because alcohol tends to absorb moisture to the skin. If used too frequently, then your facial skin will look dry.

• Indeed some ACNE medications may contain isopropyl alcohol, but not always useful for many people, especially those who have facial skin sensitivity levels are high.

If you have many users buy that kind of medication, then you should do test it first. Try the medicine in a small area around your face, and make sure the reaction occurred after usage.alcoholic face before and after

• From on using alcohol to clean your face, will be much better when you choose ¬ water-based. This product helps reduce acne in ways that more effectively and without side effects.

• Materials such as alcohol can make your face reddens. These cases often occur in those who have sensitive facial skin. Therefore, immediately reduce the wearing of cosmetics containing alchohol if in fact make your facial skin seemed to catch fire.

effects of alcohol on skin and aging
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Alcohol: it is not recommended for face care

See the above facts, it feels like we don't have to believe the myth that says alcohol is very beneficial for the skin of the face.

So, for those of you who want a facial skin that glows with how to take care of him by wearing a certain product, avoid buying cosmetic products or cleaners that contain alcohol.

This is very important especially for those who have sensitive skin (or even hyper-sensitive). Face washing tips: flush your face with warm water, then take a little SOAP that not conatin alcohol.

Wipe the SOAP gradually and evenly throughout all the face parts, and when you're done immediately rinse face with cold water.

If you diligently use the cleanser, then choose a cleanser that smells the fragrance. But must keep in mind that you need to be careful, because some fragrant facial cleanser containing alcohol.

Therefore the owner of face skin sensitive and dry face strongly not recommended choosing facial cleanser containing alcohol.alcohol effects on skin photos

Choose a cleanser made from natural chemical, not like alcohol. In addition, alcohol-based cleaners also can make severe allergy.

We are convinced that there is still a natural ingredients better than alcohol, which could be used to make your face more attractive and free from problems.

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Remedies of Soursop as Herbal Medicine
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I behind the apparently less charming, soursop fruit and leaf has many benefits, even its root has many benefits for the health of the body.

Who does not know the soursop fruit? The fruit is delicious when enjoyed as juice or processed fruit ice gravy does have the specificity in his tastes, which is sour and sweet. Even though the shape is abstract with the skin of the fruit is green and has thorns, but not a few people who like this fruit. Behind the apparently less charming, soursop fruit and leaf has many benefits, even tha root has many benefits for the health of the body.

 Remedies of Soursop as Herbal Medicine

However, did you know the benefits of the leaf is often used as an ingredient of such fodder? Yes true, leaves containing Lactones has efficacy to fight deadly diseases such as cancer. But not only that, with the wide variety of nutrient-laden leaves Isoquinoline owned it, then it is not impossible when a variety of other dangerous diseases such as cancer, diabetes, gout, and others can also be cured. Here are some details of the types of diseases that could have aided her recovery as we reap the benefits of soursop leaves:

The leaves also contain the Lipid apparently is able to neutralize the sugar levels in the body

a) Diabetes

The leaves also contain the Lipid apparently is able to neutralize the sugar levels in the body so that the normal approach, i.e. 70-120 mg. So for people with diabetes could try consuming routine soursop leaves. Soursop leaves usually have been processed and extracted into herbal medicine, but when you want to prepare it yourself then how easy enough. Refer to the following:

1. boil water as much as approximately 3 cups.
2. once water becomes warm Insert 5 strand of soursop leaves already washed clean.
3. Wait until the boiled water last shrank to 1 cups only.
4. Strain and drink water regularly every day morning and evening.

b) Cancer

Soursop leaves can be used as a potent weapon to eradicate cancer cells, even the quickly exceeded the claimed potency effect of chemotherapy. This is because in soursop leaves contained active ingredients that can fight cancer cells. How to cultivate soursop leaf to cancer drugs:

1. boil 10 sheets soursop leaf along with 3 cups of water.
2. Simmer until water becomes 1-sized glasses.
3. Strain and chill
4. Drink regularly every morning

c) uric acid

Love to eat tempe but afraid of gout recurrence? Balance by consuming this process any Way soursop leaves is easy:

1. boil 5 sheets soursop leaf
2. wait for it to boil until the water is reduced approximately to 1 cups.
3. Chill and drink as much as 3 times a day on a regular basis.

Soursop leaf contains anti-inflammatory agents
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d) Rheumatism

Soursop leaf contains anti-inflammatory agents that can treat rheumatic diseases. By way of smoothing soursop leaves, then applying to the diseased part, then undoubtedly rheumatism decreases. Do regularly twice a day.

e) back pain

Back pain is usually suffered by the elderly or people who are exercising a hobby. The way around it is to boil 20 sheets soursop leaves into 5 glasses of water, boil to boil until remaining approximately 3 cups and drink.

f) Ulcers

Usage is almost the same as when treating back pain with smoothing soursop leaves then applied topically to wounds ulcers. Leaf used recommended amounts to about 5-10 sheets.

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g) Eczema

Benefits of soursop leaves is to resolve skin diseases such as eczema.

Other than for the purposes of health, soursop leaf can also be empowered to sustain beauty, ranging from removing pimples, blackheads, and makes the skin of the face is smooth. But beauty is not only associated with the face alone, but rather the appearance of the totality of the person. Consuming soursop leaves can facilitate digestion so that no fat is buried so that the body looks more ideal. In order to eliminate pimples, blackheads, and black spots on the face, so the recipe:

a. clean the soursop leaves as many as 7 pieces using water flow, so that bacteria orgerms that there are missing.
b. Mashed or creamed soursop leaves until smooth.
c. Enter the soursop leaves already refined into a marinade of rose water.
d. when it is finished using the mixed water as a mask.
e. Use at night when going to bed and the next day to flush gets maximum results.

As an additional note, the mask can only be used 1 time only, so if you want more practical living prepare dough the mask for several times.

h. To tighten facial skin using a soursop leaves

following the way of manufacture:

a. Take 10 sheets soursop leaves then wash clean.
b. the leaves Boiled with using 3 cups of water.
c. let simmer until the size of the original water 3 cups is now only being 1 cups.
d. Chill consume regularly 1-2 times a week.

Benefits of soursop leaf next definitely favored the women, namely as a slimming body. Same with the make method when you want to tighten the skin, it's just different ways to consume instead of 1-2 times a week, but 2 times a day regularly. Besides being good for the skin and body, soursop leaf can also be worn as a hair vitamin in order to be strong and not easily fall out, as well as free of fleas.

i. loss as anti-cancer agents

How to use is by boiling soursop leaf to taste then chill and after that use water boiled to wash away the rest of the hair.

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j. an antidote to fleas

Soursop leaves have the ability to inhibit the development of fleas so that head liceare difficult to survive. In addition, vitamins contained in it are also capable of eliminating dandruff free hair so it stays clean fleas while dandruff.

consuming this decoction soursop leaves
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Another Benefits of Soursop leaves

Not only useful for curing diseases, boost the beauty of skin and hair, but can also be consumed soursop leaves daily to enhance immunity of the body. Even though itmay be consumed regularly, however doesn't mean we may overdo in enjoying its benefits.

Everything that's not excessive either. The same applies to soursop leaves that turns out to have side effects if consumed too much. Soursop leaves as it turns out is alsonot recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers. Then, what are the side effects if too much consuming this decoction soursop leaves?

a. Diarrhea
b. too much diaphoretic
c. Stomach feels stung like eating too much spicy
d. constipation
e. your back feels the heat
f. joint pain
g. increased body Temperature
h. Chills

After knowing the positive benefits while the impact as bad when consumed to excess, we now know that the soursop leaves that may grow around us can be utilized as a hero for health and appearance. For that, please do not hesitate to try a variety of recipes that are already described above.  healthy living with natural ingredients that not only easily obtained around us, but also cheap. Hopefully healthy always!

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Best 4 Benefits of Baby Oil For Pregnant Woman
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Baby oil is the oil that is very important to take care of the baby. But, it turns out that baby oil is also beneficial for the expectant mother. Baby oil is believed to have its own merits as a cleanser, deodorizer, also baby skin moisturizer. In addition, baby oil can also give a sense of warmth and comfort to baby. However, there are also some of the benefits that can be obtained by the pregnant if using baby oil.

Oil found in baby oil will be nutritious for pregnant women, especially in the parts of the skin. In addition, baby oil does indeed contain good material and very few using chemicals so it is safe if used by pregnant women. Moreover, if baby oil is used regularly during your pregnancy.

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Best 4 Benefits of Baby Oil For Pregnant Woman

The following four benefits of baby oil for pregnant women:

1. Eliminate sore

Pregnant women often complain of sore parts of the body. Therefore, it is better if pregnant women massaging the sore part that using baby oil. In addition it smells delicious, baby oil also poses no sense of heat than if using oil sort or balm.

2. Eliminate cellulite

The expectant mother is definitely upset if his skin began to arise cellulite orstrokes-strokes. Therefore, the pregnant women advised applying baby oil into their skin to keep it smooth and missing from the threat of cellulite.

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3. Clean the dirt on the baby

The pregnant women sometimes see dirt on the baby's head is stuck and it is quitedifficult to clean. Then use baby oil to soften the dirt which is the amniotic waters that still scars attached to the scalp, do I stay put baby oil on the parts to be cleanedwearing cotton.

leather foot and heel of the foot that often breaks out

4. Eliminate chapped feet

When a mother's weight is growing because pregnant, then potential experience leather foot and heel of the foot that often breaks out it will be very annoying. Baby oil can eliminate such complaints by regularly put on the soles of the feet are broken.

That's the four benefits of baby oil for pregnant women who are quite valuable. May be useful and add insight you guys the expectant mothers.

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Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Mango Leaves
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Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Mango Leaves - Most people would like to eat mangoes, it tastes sweet. But, very few people who know when a mango leaf properties for health is extraordinary.

 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Mango Leaves

Mango leaves can be used as traditional ingredients to prevent or treat a number of diseases are unpredictable. Here are eight properties of mango leaves for health.


If you are experiencing ear pain, use collision mango leaves as eardrops. This can help reduce pain in the ear.

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Treat asthma and bronchitis

Boil 2 cups of water along with some mango leaves. Filtered water after 15 minutes boil and add 3 drops of honey before drinking. This traditional herb will treat cough and symptoms of asthma and bronchitis.


If you are suffering from dysentery, add half a teaspoon of powder of mango leaves to a cup of warm water. Drink this mixture three times a day when suffering from dysentery.


Fill a glass of water and add a few leaves of mango. Soak overnight and drink its water in the morning. This method can provide some relief of certain symptoms of diabetes treatment.

Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Mango Leaves for Relaxation
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Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Mango Leaves for Relaxation

If you feel anxious and nervous, try to add 2-3 cups of tea mango leaves to the bath water. It can make you feel refreshed and relaxed.

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Prevent hypertension

Mango leaves also can prevent hypertension. Because, mango leaf extract can reduce blood pressure and keep blood vessels healthy.

Prevent kidney stones

Add a teaspoon of powder of mango leaves to a cup of warm water. Leave overnight and drink in the morning. This will drain the stones in the kidney.

Treat Burns Wound

Get some dried mango leaves and burn them. The ash from burning mango leaves can be applied to burns on the skin.

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International Used of Loofah Fruit - Loofah fruit may seem pornographic to those who see the first time. This unique plants grow in Vietnam and local people refer to it as the fruit loofah.

What is unique about this fruit is shaped very much like a woman's breasts. With pink, and the edges are lightly browned nipple.

About Loofa Fruit

  • Botanical name: Loofah cylinder
  • Family: Cucurbitaceae
  • India Name: Dhundhul
  • Common Name: loofah
  • Habitat: tropical plants is believed to originate from South Asia. They grow when the long hot summer.

Loofah is the common name for the vines of the cucumber family. There are six types of plants loofah, all of which are native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and Africa. Loofah common and scientific names from Arabic, lufa. Loofah is a tropical plant that propagates like a vine with round leaves and yellow flowers.

Serrated Loofah is very similar to L. Cylindrica who do not have the ridge. Young fruit is cooked as a vegetable, although some gardeners China plant for interior decoration. In the world of traditional medicine Suriname, tea from the leaves is used as a diuretic, while fruit juice is used against internal bleeding.

The most commonly used is the species Loofah large aegyptiaca, a monokokus, annual vine (male and female flowers appear on different parts of the plant) with deep yellow flowers.

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The leaves are hairy, triangular shaped outline. Tendrils emerging from the stem near the leaves and branched, long and slender. The fruit-shaped cylinder can be up to 30-40 cm (12-16 in) in length and hang from rods because of the weight. Jagged skin and green fruit, becoming yellowish when ripe. There are small spots, brown or black, wrinkled surface and looks like a watermelon seed.

Flowers and fruits are soft Loofah edible when young and sometimes cooked and eaten like squash or okra. Loofah has become an important source of food in many Asian cultures. Leaves and grapes should not be eaten. When crushed, they produce a bitter compounds and odors that are useful to repel insects and animals. This is similar to the bitterness sometimes found in cucumbers, plants close relatives are also in the family Cucurbitaceae.

Loofah small fruit often eaten but may react badly, but there is no protection against it. Potentially allergenic, so people should be careful. Loofah maybe even some varieties produce fruit too bitter to eat. Peel the outer skin can remove most of the bitterness but if it tastes bad, do not eat it.

Edible Loofah (which is ready to eat) sometimes can be found in Asian-style vegetables market. They chop up and put it in a stir-fry or simply sauteed with a little olive oil.

Seasoning with a little soy sauce and chili make Loofah into a delicious appetizer. The flowers have green leaves crisp flavor similar to celery or cucumber. They make it a colorful salad.

Benefits of Using a Loofah
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Benefits of Using a Loofah

Loofah fiber powder has also been used as an ingredient in Chinese herbal medicine. Some compounds in plants and seeds have been studied and used for medicinal materials. Parts used are leaves and fruit.


  •  Leaf decoction for amenorrhea.
  •  Poultice of leaves for hemorrhoids.
  •  The juice of fresh leaves for conjunctivitis.
  •  Leaf juice is also used externally for wounds and bites of various animals.

Oil is used for dermatitis.

  • In Russia, the roots are used for hygiene.
  • In India, the roots are used for medicinal dropsy and as a laxative, leaf and fruit juice is used to treat jaundice.
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International Used of Loofah Fruit

In Java, decoction of the leaves is used for uremia and amenorrhea.
In Bangladesh, pounded leaves are used for hemorrhoids, splenitis, and leprosy.

In West Africa, serrated leaf extract of the pumpkin is applied to wounds caused by guinea worm; leaf sap is used as an eyewash, fruits and seeds are used in herbal ingredients for the treatment of venereal diseases.

In Mauritius, edible seeds to expel intestinal worms.
In China, loofah is used as a pesticide.
The fiber is sometimes used for making hats.

So, do not just interested in the shape, but look deep and known the benefits of Loofah Fruit

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uncaria gambir medicinal uses
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Uncaria Gambir Medicinal Uses - Gambir is basically the sap derived from extracts of plants squeeze the leaves and twigs called latin (Uncaria gambier Roxb.) And then dried. In Indonesia Gambir better known as chewing mixture. Though economically Gambir can be utilized more as polishing leather (varnish) and dye (such as tree resin). Gambir also contains catechins (catechin), a natural ingredient that are antioxidants, so it can also be useful for the body and is completely natural.

And nearly 95% of production Gambir made into dry mold as seen above picture, called betel bite or plan masala. Usually cylindrical mold shape, resembling brown sugar. The color of brown soil. Gambir (gambier-international trademark) can be traded in the form of package sizes kilograms, varies (1 s / d 50) kg for export. Another is a powder form of production or "biscuit". With the name of catechu market, gutta gambier, catechu pallidum (pale catechu).

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Benefits of Gambir as herbal remedy:

Gambir can be used as an herbal remedy. Almost all products Gambir is processed first, this processed is named as gambier, betel bite, or plan masala.

In Gambir, contained various substance as following:

  • flavonoids
  • substance tanner
  • Kaltekin
  • Alkaloids

With such composition, Gambier also be used as a mixture of modern medicines are manufactured in Germany.

  • Stimulates bile that helps digestion in the intestine.
  • Drug mixture burns,
  • Mix headache medicine.
  • A mixture of diarrhea and dysentery.
  • Mouthwash and mouth sores.
  • Drug skin.

Uncaria Gambir Uses

Here are little tips about uncaria gambir uses drugs

uncaria gambir medicinal uses  as Diarrhea drug
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1. uncaria gambir medicinal uses  as Diarrhea drug

Treating diarrhea or diarrhea-diarrhea do the following steps.
Material :
  1. Prepare Gambir one piece.
  2. Turmeric one piece.
  3. Handful of fresh herbs patikan china.
How to use:
  1. Combine ingredients into the water as much as 110 ml,
  2. Heat until boiling.
  3. Once cooked, drank with one daily dose of 100 ml. Repeated for 3 days.

2. uncaria gambir uses  to Drug Thrush

Gambir is also known to reduce the interference of the mouth and throat, hoarseness, and oral thrush. This can be done with the following tips.

  1. Prepare the seed gambier and three pieces of betel leaf.
  2. Heat the water approximately 150 ml.
  3. Enter gambier and betel leaves into the water being heated.
  4. Wait until boiling and pour into a glass with a screened.
  5. Then use as a mouthwash at a dose of two (2) times a day, in the morning and at night before bed. Do it until healed. For extreme conditions, it took less than seven days.

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Health Benefits of Persimmon
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Benefits of Persimmon fruit - fruit ripe persimmon orange, soft texture, taste is very sweet and tasty. At first glance this fruit looks almost like a tomato, and that sometimes taste like papaya fruit flavors. Oh yes, persimmon fruit in some areas also called flirtatious !.

Want to know why? ... Yes, maybe this fruit are often whitewashed as there is powder, in addition to bright colors tease each eye :). Because there persimmon fruit powder is none other than the rest of the lime used in keeping this fast ripe fruit. Persimmon is usually eaten fresh when it has matured. However, the dry type can be eaten as a snack and used as a dessert.

In spite of all designations and how to eat, persimmon is the kind of healthy fruit. If you are considering persimmon fruit to your diet, we will give a review about the many health benefits of persimmon.

Persimmon provides a good combination of various nutrients. Most of the amount of nutrients in fruits is only about 2% to 3% of your daily needs. But persimmon higher manganese minerals provide about 17%, also 9% 8% Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. Dietary fiber in this fruit is quite high and has a high water content of 80% by weight of the whole fruit.

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Health Benefits of Persimmon Fruit

Persimmon fruit contain antioxidants and phytonutrients. Translation nutrients neutralize free radicals that cause various high-potential degenerative diseases such as aging, cancer, cataracts and macular degeneration.

1. Manage Weight Healthy

Persimmon fruit is the fruit of a nice addition for those who want to have a healthy weight. Weight management typically incorporates a variety of low-calorie foods into the diet.

Eating foods high in fiber such as persimmon can help weight loss programs because it makes full longer.

Foods rich in fiber are also beneficial to reduce the desire to eat sweet foods or processed foods. So persimmon can be the best food for your weight loss program.

Persimmon fruit sugar content is high enough so that it is best eaten before exercise or physical activity, so the sugar is absorbed and converted into energy by the body.

Health Benefits of Persimmon to Protecting Retina Eye
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2. Protecting Retina Eye

Persimmon contains Zeaxanthin Lutein is an antioxidant that is commonly found in natural carotenoids.

Many studies to date have found this substance is very effective in maintaining and improving the organ of vision. It is working on the retina and lens of the eye to prevent conditions associated with degenerative diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

Damage to the retina of the eye is a common cause of blindness. Retinal damage can be caused by free radicals as a result of the reaction of oxygen with certain types of molecules.

Persimmon fruit contains nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K are known for their anti-oxidant properties. These nutrients are essential to protect damage to the retina of the eye.

Lutein Zeaxanthin along with vitamins are useful for reducing the damage caused by UV rays and other causes. In addition to vision, these substances also help reduce wrinkles on the sensitive skin around the eyes.

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3. Improving the function of the digestive system

Persimmon fruit contain high amounts of fiber, which is essential for healthy digestion process.

There are two types of fiber, which is both soluble and insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber can be digested and nourish the body, whereas soluble directly through the intestines. This will soften the stool so that it can easily pass through the digestive tract. ?? The fiber will bind and flush waste out of your intestines. Thus, eating persimmon fruit may be beneficial to prevent constipation.

Emptying of the bowel clean and regularly has many other benefits as well. It prevents infections and help for the treatment of conditions such as colon cancer.

Chronic constipation can make blood vessels around the anus swell, and in the case of critical even can rupture and bleed. This condition is known as piles or hemorrhoids. By preventing and help eliminate constipation, persimmon will protect you from a painful sense of the stool that normally occurs when constipation.

4. Prevent Cancer

Persimmon contains nutrients that are beneficial for protecting the body from the effects of free radicals. Free radicals play an important role as a cause of cancer.

Antioxidants and phytonutrients useful to neutralize free radicals and prevent DNA damage. Oxygen exposure of some molecules can cause damage at the cellular level.

The cells are damaged and then continue to multiply even when not needed, which in turn attack healthy cells, destroy it and cause cancer.

Very natural free radical formation in the body and usually only cleared by an anti-oxidant in the body. However, anti-oxidant deficiency can cause uncontrollable chain reaction that is dangerous.

Persimmon has a composition full of anti-oxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Zeaxanthin Lutein protects the body from damage by free radicals. These nutrients will clean the free radical of the body so as not to cause damage to healthy cells.

Persimmon also contain betulinic acid that is both anti-tumor and can inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the body.

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5. Prevent Premature Aging

Free radicals cause not only cancer, but also cause premature aging. Free radicals damage skin cells and stimulate aging faster than general. But antioxidants and phytonutrients to reverse the effects of aging and it protects the body from premature aging effects of free radicals by cleaning.

Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant which is very effective when it comes to skin care. It is a water-soluble vitamin, which means not stored in the body and must be replenished regularly through food sources.

Vitamin A and vitamin K useful to keep the skin and reducing wrinkles. Apart from these vitamins, beta carotene, and zeaxanthin Lutein has also shown a lot of roles as anti-oxidants in many studies.

6. Boost Immunity System

To stay protected from the disease, it is important to eat nutritious foods. Vitamin C has been found as a powerful agent that boost immunity and strengthen from moans flu and infections.

Persimmon fruit is rich in Vitamin C and can improve immunity from common diseases. Apart from this, Vitamin C is also useful to help produce collagen and helps the body absorb iron. It also helps keep blood vessels, muscles, and bones to keep fit and care.

7. Set the blood pressure

Potassium is a trace mineral that is found in persimmon. Compounds helpful It helps regulate blood pressure optimum blood vessels dilate and relax the muscles. In fact, many types of medicines using potassium as a painkiller for muscle pain. Potassium is also beneficial to offset the amount of sodium that absorb liquids and could increases blood pressure.

Persimmon fat-free, but has a high water content, so it helps to lower cholesterol could increase the risk of coronary heart disease.

The Sides Effect of Persimmon Fruit
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Persimmon fruit Side Effects!

Although the benefits of persimmon for health are really amazing, but you need to be careful because the fruit is high tannin substances which are risk factors.

Tannin in high amounts can have anti-nutritional and toxic to the body. Avoid eating persimmon fruit in its raw state, especially those containing tannin crude higher. It is characterized by very dry taste and numbness in the mouth for some time after eating this fruit.

Eating persimmon fruit on an empty stomach or overeating can cause diarrhea. So should eat persimmons in reasonable quantities.

Patients with diabetes should limit eating these fruits because they contain high sugar and can raise blood glucose levels.

Those are the benefits of persimmon fruit, amazing, isn’t it? Yeah, you must add a persimmon in your dining room so your family also can get the benefits of persimmon. Thanks for reading. Come back here and i’ll share another beneficial thing.

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