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which alcoholic drink is good for skin
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Alcohol and the myth of its benefits for the skin of the face - Most people never, or even was having some problems such as acne, black spot, stains on the face, and so on. You will surely agree that all those problems very disturbing your appearance.

For example, your face won't look attractive when acne appears on the surface. Furthermore, any skin problems will lose confidence, so most people want to find the right solution for every problem of facial skin that appears.

Some of you may know that alcohol is often described as the right solution for some problems on facial skin such as acne.benefits of alcohol for health

However, whether this claim is true? The article companies trying to cut some answers about the claims.

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Note the Explanation below

Let's start with some facts myths, especially those that relate to the benefits of alcohol to the skin of the face:

• Alcohol might help you eliminate acne. However, you need to know that you can use it to stamp out a growing acne on your back, and it's not growing on your face.

• Some people say that they have benefited from the use of alcohol as a medicine acne, facial skin becomes lighter and all the dirt in the faces shot up. Is it so? Apparently not too, because alcohol tends to absorb moisture to the skin. If used too frequently, then your facial skin will look dry.

• Indeed some ACNE medications may contain isopropyl alcohol, but not always useful for many people, especially those who have facial skin sensitivity levels are high.

If you have many users buy that kind of medication, then you should do test it first. Try the medicine in a small area around your face, and make sure the reaction occurred after usage.alcoholic face before and after

• From on using alcohol to clean your face, will be much better when you choose ¬ water-based. This product helps reduce acne in ways that more effectively and without side effects.

• Materials such as alcohol can make your face reddens. These cases often occur in those who have sensitive facial skin. Therefore, immediately reduce the wearing of cosmetics containing alchohol if in fact make your facial skin seemed to catch fire.

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Alcohol: it is not recommended for face care

See the above facts, it feels like we don't have to believe the myth that says alcohol is very beneficial for the skin of the face.

So, for those of you who want a facial skin that glows with how to take care of him by wearing a certain product, avoid buying cosmetic products or cleaners that contain alcohol.

This is very important especially for those who have sensitive skin (or even hyper-sensitive). Face washing tips: flush your face with warm water, then take a little SOAP that not conatin alcohol.

Wipe the SOAP gradually and evenly throughout all the face parts, and when you're done immediately rinse face with cold water.

If you diligently use the cleanser, then choose a cleanser that smells the fragrance. But must keep in mind that you need to be careful, because some fragrant facial cleanser containing alcohol.

Therefore the owner of face skin sensitive and dry face strongly not recommended choosing facial cleanser containing alcohol.alcohol effects on skin photos

Choose a cleanser made from natural chemical, not like alcohol. In addition, alcohol-based cleaners also can make severe allergy.

We are convinced that there is still a natural ingredients better than alcohol, which could be used to make your face more attractive and free from problems.

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